Richa Shukla, EY Technology Consultant, Pursued the ChMC Accreditation Driven by Her Passion for Recognition and Ethics

Richa Shukla, EY

Drawn by the opportunity to have her skills and expertise recognised and with her diverse experience across varied sectors, Richa Shukla decided to pursue the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation.

Richa, a finalist for the Chartered Management Consultant of the Year at the MCA 2024 Awards, views the accreditation as more than just a benchmark for the industry; it signified the culmination of her professional journey, a testament to her excellence and dedication.

She says:

“Unlike established fields like accountancy, consultancy often lacks official recognition. ChMC fills this gap, providing a seal of approval from a respected body, confirming our experience and dedication. This deeply gratifying recognition fulfilled a long-held aspiration of mine.

“But ChMC offers more than just validation. It sets consultants apart, showcasing their comprehensive understanding and versatility, fostering client trust and confidence. Whether aiming for internal promotions or external opportunities, ChMC holds significant weight, acting as a badge of honour for top consultants.”

The ChMC framework surprised Richa with its detail. She explains:

“It provided me with a structured, forward-thinking approach, helping me recognise achievements and highlight my skills and expertise. This reflection also helped identify areas for further development, aligning with the framework’s emphasis on values, ethics, and behaviours.”

“Doing right goes beyond generating revenue,” emphasises Richa, who prioritises fairness to clients, society, and the many stakeholders who she works with.

“In the government sector, where ethics are paramount due to public funds being at stake, this commitment holds even greater significance. Focusing on values and ethics is not just essential but elevates our profession, enabling us to make a meaningful impact.”

But the most crucial aspect for Richa is the shared language and standards ChMC establishes across firms.

“It underscores core competencies across industries, uniting consultants and promoting their collective advancement. This framework benefits individuals, firms, and the entire consulting industry by establishing shared language and standardised practices.

“The ChMC award has set me apart. During a recent client workshop, my Managing Director shared my accreditation on LinkedIn, instantly grabbing client attention. This recognition translates to trust and credibility, demonstrating to clients the expertise expected of an industry-recognised consultant.”

Richa is thrilled to see more individuals pursuing ChMC early in their careers.

“This framework is an eye-opener, helping consultants realise their existing strengths. They become more reflective, open to feedback, and focused on delivering the best results. Ultimately, embracing these values leads to high-performing teams, satisfied clients, and personal growth, benefiting everyone, especially early career professionals.”

So how does she feel about being nominated as a Chartered Management Consultant of the Year for the MCA 2024 Awards? She said:

“I am absolutely thrilled and deeply honoured to be nominated as a ChMC of the Year finalist. This recognition validates my hard work, passion, and commitment to making a significant impact in the field of management consulting. Furthermore, it contributes to elevating the standards and visibility of the entire industry, inspiring others to strive for the highest levels of professional achievement.”

Her journey embodies the transformative power of the ChMC accreditation. It not only elevates individual consultants but also unites the industry through common standards and values.

As the Chartered community grows, its collective values and high standards hold the potential to elevate the entire consulting industry, leaving a lasting positive impact on clients and society.

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