Shaadi Valadkhani, Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Consulting On Her Journey To CHMC

Shaadi Valadkhani, a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Consulting, embarked on the journey to obtain the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation, driven by a desire to elevate her expertise and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving consulting landscape. Her path, however, was not without its challenges, ultimately culminating in a rewarding achievement that exemplifies the value of persistence and dedication.

Shaadi’s pursuit of ChMC stemmed from a strong desire for professional growth and recognition. As she navigated her career within the consulting industry, she recognised the value of the ChMC designation in solidifying her credibility and expertise. She explains:

“While I possessed a strong foundation of experience, I felt that achieving ChMC status would distinguish me and demonstrate my commitment to upholding the highest professional standards. It was about elevating my impact and becoming a trusted advisor to both my clients and colleagues.”

Shaadi, like many aspiring ChMCs, dedicated significant time and effort to preparing for the rigorous assessment process. However, despite her initial application not being successful, Shaadi remained undeterred. Reflecting on this initial setback, Shaadi highlights the valuable learning experience it provided:

“While the initial outcome was not what I had hoped for, it proved to be a valuable learning experience. I carefully reviewed the feedback provided, identified areas for improvement, and developed a plan to address them.”

Shaadi’s determination to achieve her goal was evident in her proactive approach following her initial application. She sought guidance from experienced mentors, engaged in additional training and development opportunities, and refined her understanding of the ChMC framework. This dedication and perseverance ultimately paid off, as Shaadi successfully navigated the assessment process on her second attempt.

Shaadi acknowledges the critical role that ChMC plays in equipping professionals with the latest industry trends and best practices. She emphasises:

“The ChMC framework establishes a common language and benchmark within the consulting industry, ensuring that all consultants, regardless of their firm, operate with a shared understanding of professional excellence. This standardisation fosters consistency, elevates the overall quality of services delivered to clients, and ultimately benefits the entire profession.”

Shaadi encourages aspiring consultants to consider the ChMC designation as an investment in their future, even if the journey may not be linear. She remarks:

“While the initial application may not be successful for everyone, the learning experience gained is invaluable. Carefully review the feedback, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to address them. With dedication and perseverance, achieving ChMC is within your reach.”

Shaadi anticipates a profound impact of ChMC on the consulting profession, particularly for younger generations entering the field. She observes:

“The ChMC designation is gaining significant traction, and its importance is often emphasised from the very beginning of a consultant’s career journey. This early exposure fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the industry, ultimately leading to a highly skilled and competent workforce.”

For Shaadi, achieving ChMC status represents not only professional recognition but also a personal triumph. She concludes:

“Earning the ChMC designation has been a rewarding experience. It has instilled in me a sense of pride and accomplishment, solidifying my identity as a respected and dedicated management consultant. The accolades associated with ChMC are truly invaluable, allowing me to confidently showcase my expertise and continue contributing meaningfully to the profession.”

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