ChMC Accreditation for Public Health Sector Consultants: Elevating Standards and Advancing the Industry

The Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation has brought a new standard to the consultancy industry, and as a director focused on the public health sector, I am pleased with this development, Ellie Wilkes, Director – Health and Life Sciences at EY, explains.

Unlike in the accountancy field, where qualifications have long existed as an established norm, especially within the BIG Four, the consultancy sector has lacked an official recognition of the skills and expertise that professionals bring to the table.

As a senior leader, going through the ChMC accreditation process allowed me to reflect on my career accomplishments and the value I bring to clients and the market. It helped me identify areas for personal development and gave me a framework to promote myself and the consultancy industry better. ChMC serves as an essential accreditation for aspiring consultants, providing a clear path to excellence and the evidence required to attain it.

For me, ChMC has been instrumental in focusing on key areas like ethics and codes of conduct. It helped articulate my strengths and areas for improvement, encouraging continuous growth and effective leadership. The accreditation has transformed my thinking, leading me to embrace the 54 competencies and adopt a structured approach to leadership.

Within EY, we see the value of ChMC in setting training standards for our best performers across various domains, such as inclusive leadership, change management, and transformative leadership. We use the competencies to map training and development programmes for our graduates, making sure they embody the qualities of being chartered.

Being ChMC-accredited has filled me with pride, reflecting 12 years of hard work in serving clients and the industry. Professionally, it has provided a stamp of accomplishment, boosting my LinkedIn profile and affirming my commitment to quality and industry standards.

I actively advocate for ChMC within EY, and the positive impact has been visible as more individuals express interest and seek career growth through the accreditation. As senior leaders embrace ChMC, it elevates the entire industry, making it an attractive and dynamic field to work in.

Embracing ChMC as a proactive part of our development, rather than an afterthought, will empower consultants to champion the public interest and serve the greater good. Adopting ChMC principles ensures a similar standard of service for our clients, strengthening our businesses and the future of our industry.

Our profession can only benefit from integrating ChMC into our operations and making it an integral part of our consultancy practices. The introduction of the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation marks a pivotal moment for the consultancy industry, particularly in the public health sector.

As a director at EY, I have personally experienced the transformative power of ChMC in recognising and promoting the skills, expertise, and ethical practices of consultants. Through this accreditation, professionals can reflect on their achievements, identify areas for development, and lead with a structured approach to excellence.

The ChMC framework not only benefits individuals but also elevates the industry as a whole. As more firms and senior leaders embrace ChMC, it will create a dynamic, progressive, and attractive environment for consultants, ultimately shaping a future where consultancy serves as a driving force in advancing public health and beyond.

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