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Etch is a digital customer experience consultancy. We help organisations to innovate their digital customer experiences and continuously optimise for sustainable growth. We do this by leveraging data and analytics insight, strategic design, and marketing and technology delivery expertise, in order to put future customer needs at the heart of our clients’ digital transformation journeys and build capabilities for their sustained competitive advantage.

For over twenty years our team has helped to reimagine, define and deliver future state customer experiences for hundreds of organisations globally.

We believe in practical strategy – rapid delivery, testing early and continuous learning, to develop optimal solutions, deployed in less time, that generate greater impact sooner.

Given the complexity of human nature, the changing landscape and technological advancement, addressing customer needs is not a static journey, but rather one that requires dynamic listening, learning, evolving, enhancing, empathising, and elevating connections to drive adoption, engagement and advocacy. Our expertise in combining advanced analytics and testing techniques, with our creative insight development approach allows us to identify customers’ unfulfilled needs and untapped opportunities.

Etch exists to help our clients, people, and partners to go further, faster. Accelerating the progression of everyone and fulfilling undiscovered potential is our reason for being. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and it’s what keeps us going day in, day out.

Key Personnel

  • Fiona Buchner
  • Seth Campbell
  • Tom Frame

UK Office Locations

  • Remote-first with studios in London and Southampton

Worldwide Coverage

  • Cape Town

MCA Firm Representatives

Shelly Frame
MCA Council Representative

Shelly Frame is Managing Director at Etch and sits on the MCA Council.

Contact Information


White Building Studios
1-4 Cumberland Place
SO15 2NP

Telephone Number

023 8000 4800