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“NECS Consultancy proudly supports NHS organisations to effectively deliver in today’s complex and ever-changing world, so that people across the UK can experience the highest quality health and social care”.

Dan Duggan
Head of Consultancy

As a consultancy team within the NHS, we are proud to be a preferred partner of fellow Public Sector organisations which are seeking to realise their full potential.

NECS Consultancy solves complex problems for clients, is committed to collaboration, provides excellent value for money and is part of the wider NHS family. In doing this, we seek to make long term sustainable impact for our clients and to reinvest every penny we make back into the NHS.

With eight regional teams, we have over 130 consultants with substantial experience across multiple sectors, including health, social care, justice and education. Our expert senior leadership team has a wealth of experience, gained in the NHS, government and private consultancy firms.

We were the first public sector organisation to achieve Chartered Management Consultant accreditation from the Chartered Management Institute. We were also the first public sector consultancy to achieve membership to the MCA.

In the MCA Awards 2023 we were finalists for:

Commercial Offer

NECS Consultancy delivers unique insight from our blended consultancy and NHS expertise to bring greater organisational value, while always living NHS values and behaviours. We are experts in delivering several core areas across the Health and Social Care landscape.

 PMO NECS Consultancy has an established tiered offer, which is adapted to your needs and desired outcomes. We want to change the perception of PMO by using our experience, skills and tools, supported by good governance, to innovate in this space. We can work with your existing governance models or help to redesign them via our intelligent programme management solutions. Our experience and insight benefits you. We save your time by removing pressure, managing risk, avoiding duplication and helping operations to run smoothly.
Strategy We offer reliable, high-quality and competitively priced strategy services for target operating modelling, process mapping, strategic design, complex organisational change and conflict resolution. Our approach is based on four themes: Planning and Development, Stakeholder Engagement and Management, Development and Review and Implementation.
Transformation We have a track record in supporting our customers in collaboration, developing plans, processes and partnerships across multiple settings. Our reputation for being flexible, trustworthy and reliable comes from being a true partner, understanding that integration is central to the effectiveness of health and social care.
 Digital Our digital consultancy specialists work in health and social care systems as strategic advisors and delivery partners on digital transformation. Through digital innovations, technologies, pathways and services, we enhance patient experience and safety, as well as clinical and operational effectiveness.
Analytics We recognise the power of innovative and sustainable analytical solutions and have the capability and knowledge to make the most of the opportunities they bring. By co-developing sustainable modelling tools to support forecasting and scenario analysis, our automated reporting and data visualisation solutions drive efficiency and improve resource utilisation. We keep the patient central to our work and help you to manage systems in new and improved ways by creating trusted, bespoke solutions which innovate, renew and transform as they solve problems.
People We understand the role that people hold in delivering high quality patient care and we aim to unlock that potential by empowering teams and organisations to achieve their ambitions. We offer support in developing and managing talent pipelines, bespoke leadership development and coaching and mentoring programmes, as well as succession planning to help futureproof your organisation.
Response Our rapid response team successfully delivers services which tackle the most critical and challenging issues faced by the NHS. We combine commercial and NHS experience by using tried and tested approaches to clinical service problems, for example demand and capacity imbalance and predicting and managing winter surge pressures. We offer immediate, expert support and a safe pair of hands when you need it the most, as well as longer-term solutions for clinical interventions.

Key Personnel

  • Dan Duggan – Head of Consultancy – People Lead
  • Rachel Helmn – Head of Consultancy – Growth Lead
  • Sue Hart – Head of Consultancy – Delivery Lead
  • Tim Cullinan – Head of Consultancy – Partnership Lead
  • Adam Thwaites – Head of Region – London
  • Neville Flanagan – Head of Region – North East
  • Andrew Stainer – Head of Region – North East
  • Christopher Sparrow – Head of Region – North West
  • Clare Pepper – Head of Region – North West
  • Duncan Harper – Head of Region – Midlands
  • Matthew Carney – Head of Region – Midlands
  • Hilary Thompson – Head of Region – Yorkshire and Humber
  • Adrian Matthews – Head of Region – Yorkshire and Humber
  • James Wilks – Head of Region – National
  • Jane Boyle – Head of Region – South West
  • Clare Mclnerney – Head of Region – South West
  • Veronica Gee – Head of Region – East
  • Megan Nagra – Head of Region – East
  • Claire Edgeworth – Head of Strategic IG

MCA Representatives

  • Dan Duggan – MCA Council Representative
  • Laura Hirst – Young MCA ExCo Representative and Vice Chair of the Young MCA Regional Committee
  • Emma Burkinshaw – Young MCA Council Representative
  • Dagmara Blaszczyk – Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Representative
  • Lucy Armstrong – Women in Consultancy Working Group Representative
  • Rebecca Barnes – Women in Consultancy Working Group Representative

UK Office Locations

  • John Snow House, Durham
  • Quarry House, Leeds
  • Piccadilly Place, Manchester
  • Unit 20 Middlesbrough
  • Victoria House, Cambridge

Industry Sectors

  • Health
  • Social Care
  • Local Authorities

MCA Firm Representatives

Dan Duggan
MCA Council Representative

Contact Information


John Snow House

Telephone Number

0191 301 1300




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