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At Proteus, we empower you to take control and accelerate your transformation by creating a change journey that’s right for your organisation using predictive data driven insights and facilitated by our great people.

From global brands, to governments and NGOs, we help clients across a broad range of sectors at every stage of the change cycle, and at every level of their organisational structure. We have over 20 years of experience helping people understand, navigate and harness the power of transformation so that they can survive crucial challenges, scale core operations, or thrive in their market.

We help clients achieve their goals by showing them how to think differently about transformation. Whether you’re buying a new company or restructuring yours, migrating platform operations or launching a whole new product, we use the lessons we’ve learned to help increase your chances of success.

Unlike others, we do not just tell you how to undertake change, we show and teach you, enabling you to grow your capability and become more self-sufficient. We do this through our unique digital platform that encapsulates all of our diagnostic tools, predictive analytics, lessons learnt and IP, which our clients can use along-side our support or by themselves.

We deliver radical and rapid transformation through a number of services collected under three interconnected themes (Delivery, Assurance and Capability) that combine our digital tools, data-driven insights and deep, specialist expertise to empower our clients.

Key Personnel

  • Craig Mackay – CEO
  • Ronnie McCombe – Chairman
  • Tony Russell – Chief Growth Officer
  • Lorraine Nichols – Chief Financial Officer

UK Office Locations

100% virtual

Worldwide Coverage

UK, US – San Diego and Hong Kong

Consultancy Service


  • Strategy Mobilisation
  • Strategic Prioritisation
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Business Case Development
  • Change Operating Model Optimisation & Reviews
  • Change Governance Review & Optimisation
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio Shaping
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio Delivery Leadership
  • Project, Programme and Portfolio Delivery Support
  • Transformation Office and PMO as a Service
  • Benefits Realisation Office
  • Business Readiness


  • Programme & Project Assurance (across all 3 lines of defence)
  • Assurance Regime review and redesign.


  • Sponsors Training and Coaching
  • Practitioner Training and Coaching
  • Assurance function Training and Coaching

Industry Sectors

  • Financial Services
  • NGO, Digital & Technology
  • Energy and Resources
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Global Advertising
  • Media
  • Aerospace and Defence

MCA Firm Representatives

Graeme Fleming
MCA Council Representative

Graeme Fleming is a Director at Proteus and sits on the MCA Council.

Contact Information


9 Quy Court
Colliers Lane
Stow cum Quy
Cambridge, UK
CB25 9AU

Telephone Number

+44 (0) 208 242 6497