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Unleash and Engage Ltd

Unleash & Engage Ltd is a Business Transformation Consultancy that delivers sustainable business transformation achieved through great employee engagement, organisational development and operational excellence.

We’re different because our approach is founded on the belief that sustained change comes as a result of the change being designed and built by those who will participate in the new way of working: i.e. people protect what they build.

Our proven track record of habitualising new ways of working demonstrates our understanding and capability for replacing old dysfunctional habits with those aligned to the strategy and aspirations of the business.  We provide market insight and our expert consultants contribute both capability and experience – all of our consultants have walked in the client’s shoes.

Unleashing the potential of every employee delivers sustainable results – guaranteed!

Key Personnel

  • Mark Gregory
  • Greig Walker
  • John Kilner
  • Alex Lewis

UK Office Locations

  • London

Worldwide Coverage

  • USA office: Leesburg, Virginia
  • Dutch/European office: Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

Consultancy Service

  • Business Transformation
  • Operational Excellence

Industry Sectors

  • Steel
  • Security and Defence

MCA Firm Representatives

Greig Walker

Greig is a Board Director of Unleash & Engage Ltd with over twenty-five years’ experience of lean leadership and developing innovative solutions.

Contact Information


Unleash & Engage
Crown Reach
145 Grosvenor Road

Telephone Number

07811 255055


Unleash & Engage Ltd