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At Unleash & Engage, we improve all aspects of our client’s business.  We do this by helping them help their people help each other.

When people in any organisation communicate and collaborate across all levels, they’re happier, more engaged and more productive in their work.

It really is as simple as that.  Though simple is very different from easy. If driving this kind of transformation were easy, everyone would be doing it. But they’re not.  No one else has registered anything like our groundbreaking Operational Excellence System; SOE®.

We believe that people protect what they build; so our coaches work with people in their workplace, coaching them rather than telling them how to improve.  That way, they build their own bespoke and sustainable system that works perfectly for them.

The people we work with often have no idea how good they are, and our reward comes from watching them discover this.  As they realise their true potential, that negative self-perception turns to positive self-belief. They’re then astonished at what they can then achieve: increased productivity along with increased personal happiness, all rooted in simple self-belief.

We’re always delighted but seldom astonished because we’ve seen it so many times before. For us, the thrill of empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things will never diminish.

That’s why we do it.

Key Personnel

  • Carl Banfield
  • Mark Couttie
  • Lillian Mackenzie
  • Greig Walker

UK Office Locations

  • London

Worldwide Coverage

  • European Head Office: Leiderdorp, The Netherlands.

Consultancy Services

  • Business Transformation
  • Sustainable Operational Excellence
  • Leadership coaching

Industry Sectors

  • Security & Defence
  • Heavy Industry
  • Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Online Retail

MCA Firm Representatives

Greig Walker

Greig is the Managing Director of Unleash & Engage Ltd. With a thirty-year engineering and consulting career, Greig has seen it, done it and improved it.

Contact Information


Crown Reach
145 Grosvenor Road

Telephone Number

07811 255055


Unleash & Engage Ltd