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Consulting Excellence Staff Survey


As part of the Consulting Excellence programme, the MCA has committed to conduct two annual surveys: one of staff and one of clients. The results of the first Consulting Excellence Staff Survey are now available to member firms. The survey provides an unprecedented and invaluable picture of who MCA consultants are (of great relevance to our Year of Diversity) and what they think about our industry. It also provides their insights into how the Consulting Excellence scheme can be strengthened and developed.

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The MCA’s Consulting Excellence scheme was launched in July 2016. It marks a revolutionary step-change for the whole consulting industry. It is already attracting interest from major clients, who will use it to help them with
their buying of consulting services. And it is generating enormous energy, enthusiasm and commitment amongst many of the consultants who work for our member firms.

All our member firms support the 9 Consulting Excellence principles, grouped under the 3 pillars
of Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value, and Professional Development. They apply these principles
in ways that reflect their own circumstances, clients, heritage and culture. The MCA then publishes each firm’s Consulting Excellence declaration on our website. The declarations explain how each consultancy works in line with the principles, and evidences the impact that they see from their actions and policies.

To support Consulting Excellence, the MCA Board agreed that we should conduct 2 annual surveys: i) of consultants who work in our member firms and ii) of the clients who they serve. Over time, we aim to track the impact of the scheme with both.

This report summarises the findings of the first survey of consultants. It is based on the responses of the largest sample of individual consultants we have ever surveyed. It serves, effectively, as the benchmark for the industry. It will be of great use and interest not just to the MCA, but to individual member firms and their consultants. We will repeat the survey towards the end of 2017.