BearingPoint: Digital commerce: how to build and adapt at scale during the pandemic

by BearingPoint

Online retail is surging – but brands and retailers are strained 

Since the start of the pandemic, retail has come under unprecedented pressure. Consumers are staying at home and buying online en masse – Adobe Digital Economy Index data shows e-commerce grew by 25% during March alone.

Yet, for many brands, supply chains are overstretched, and rising e-commerce and e-retail purchases aren’t matching the reduction in sales from the shutdown of non-essential bricks-and-mortar operations. Adobe Digital Economy statistics show growth is focused on a few key product categories such as pharmaceuticals and FMCGs, Amazon sellers are seeing sales of nonessential goods drop by 40-60% and 65% of European e-commerce associations expect a decrease due to the pandemic. What steps can be urgently taken to ensure business continuity, then take advantage of new opportunities, attract new groups of consumers online and ensure their loyalty?…

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