PwC: How can retail and hospitality sectors help each other in the face of coronavirus?

by PwC

In extraordinary times, we’re seeing remarkable actions from the retail and hospitality community. Some businesses are loaning forklifts to supermarkets, some are using supply chains to deliver Personal Protective Equipment, and others are delivering emergency supplies nationwide.

But there are still businesses across the sector – and further afield – in need of assistance, whether that’s staffing, supply chain or logistics

Where do businesses need help?

So far, we’re seeing the labour market hold up reasonably well. Though absences are slightly higher than usual, employment levels remain fairly manageable for those still trading. The same can be said for volumes in grocery and FMCG. Despite being up around 50% year-on-year, they’re currently at similar levels to Christmas trading, so remain just about manageable – though stretched without the stock build opportunity – provided the supply chain continues to function.

However, there are potential areas of concern – immediately and in the short- to medium-term. With general workers in decent supply, there’s an unease around the number of skilled roles and engineers that can’t be backfilled…

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