Simon Kucher: Coronavirus: 6 Measures for Construction Companies on Dealing with the Ongoing Crisis

by Simon Kucher

The spread of COVID-19 continues on a global level. Even though above all we are concerned about the well-being and health of everybody, we also notice the worrying downward development in many industries. Construction companies are not exempt; so what can they do to soften the impact of the crisis? We have compiled six short-term measures.

The coronavirus continues to spread, and presents us with a global economy and business environment crisis that is absolutely unique. Why? Because as far back as we can remember, there has not been a global healthcare crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The resulting lockdown of public life and business operations is unprecedented. Due to the high level of insecurity and unpredictable dynamics, consumer demand is significantly slowing down. There are no easy solutions to meet these challenges. Still, we have been closely monitoring this development and want to offer you six measures on how construction companies can immediately react to protect bottom- and top-line…

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