2023 telco and media market challenges and trends


Based on Moorhouse’s most recent work, they have identified 9 themes that they see across industry to watch in 2023, covering everything from strategy, organisation and workplace, to new technology, products and services, through to decommissioning and sustainability. This article outlines our perspective and practical experience in these areas.

According to Moorhouse, telco and media businesses continue to evolve and integrate at an ever-increasing pace. We have seen the UK’s leading 10 AltNets increase their build rates by 28% over the last 6 months, while Video on Demand (VoD) subscriptions revenues have increased by 26% and online video advertising CAGR has increased by 38% from 2016 – 2021. With this growth comes evolution, and as telcos become techcos, and broadcast media businesses shift to being VoD lead, operating models need to be reinvented to deliver long-term shareholder value.

As the pace of change accelerates, telco and media businesses need to continuously evaluate whether existing structures deliver enterprise value in order to be, and remain, competitive. Organisations must ensure they have the capability to effectively make changes by defining a clear target state, understanding the effectiveness of existing practices and delivering targeted interventions. Those that succeed in delivering these changes will prosper – and those who don’t will struggle, particularly in a competitive AltNet market with over 100 providers and as the subscription VoD markets reach saturation.

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