AI: Artificial Influencers


According to Savanta’s recently published blog, against the bustle of a crowded social media landscape emerges a spectacle: virtual influencers – and they are already commanding the attention of millions of consumers.

Virtual influencers are developed through advanced technology, built to fit into the ‘human’ mould. Created to engage with potential consumers, these digital characters rack up millions of followers, fulfilling their ‘influencer’ role by creating promotional content, replying to comments, and even being able to livestream and podcast to online audiences.

It’s still a relatively new phenomenon with room to expand and improve, but virtual influencers are already proving their worth. Public perceptions are promising; according to Savanta’s Youth Omnibus, more than 1 in 3 young people in the UK are aware of the existence of virtual influencers. Of those aware, another 32% claim to follow at least one of these social media personalities – which rises to 41% among 22–25-year-olds.

The blueprint for success: why AI?

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