BCS Consulting: Is Third-Party Cyber Risk Leaving you Exposed?

by BCS Consulting

If we were to look back 5 years ago, we would see many organisations focusing their cyber defence efforts almost entirely on the protection of their own organisation, stopping at the point of securing their network perimeter. Today, however, these same companies are increasingly concerned about third party cyber security.

The advent of digital transformation has created a business environment that is dynamic and continuously evolving. Consumers/customers now expect to be able to interact with companies in real time. As a result, companies are increasingly reliant on a network of partners and third parties to help them meet these demands. But while outsourcing has helped companies to remain competitive, it has also increased their attack surface and exposed them to additional cyber security risk.

Furthermore, attackers have become more sophisticated over time: instead of conducting direct attacks, they are choosing the path of least resistance, compromising a business’s supply chain or key vendor as a means to gain access.

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