Bringing innovation to life


In their recent insight, Vendigital shares how with product innovation flourishing in the Aerospace & Defence sector, manufacturers could be forgiven for innovating first and thinking about whether their value chain is capable of bringing it to market later. Yet taking this approach could be selling themselves short and repeating mistakes of the past.

There are many factors driving innovation in the aerospace & defence sectors. In the defence industry, most of the demand is derived from global instability and the battlefields of Ukraine. This is driving short-term tactical innovation and creativity to solve problems being faced on the ground now. There are also some major long-term R&D programmes underway, notably the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP), involving makers in the UK, Japan and Italy, which is developing a new fighter aircraft for launch in the mid-2030s and the AUKUS collaboration, which over time will extend beyond its initial maritime focus.


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