Building the case for AI-driven decision making

By Arca Blanca

The pace, volume and value of business decision-making are accelerating. Data, analytics and artificial intelligence are increasingly powerful and important capabilities to automate tasks and support those responsible for making decisions.

Machine learning algorithms can be used in bespoke decision support tools to analyse large volumes of data better than the human mind and can drive improved insights that will lead to enhanced decision making, operational efficiency and financial outcomes.

The business case for investing in decision-support tools is a simple one. By focussing on high-value business needs Arca Blanca delivers measurable improvements in decision quality and cycle time.

A data-driven crystal ball

Arca Blanca worked with a retail service provider to predict sustainable rent levels for tenants across 300 different sub-sectors and geographies, allowing users to quickly understand the effect of economic scenarios on their industry. These predictions have been proven to have a mean absolute percentage error of <10% which shows how close data-led predictions have been to the actual results.

Saving time is money

The brain’s computational constraints mean that a well-performing tool will always be capable of doing more in a shorter time scale. This will improve existing business processes and allow users to do fewer repetitive tasks and focus on work that requires more judgement.

Arca Blanca worked with a logistics company to gauge demand for warehouses based on size needs. The bespoke tool we designed reduced the time analysts took to iterate a site mix from weeks to just minutes by replacing manually adjusted excel spreadsheets with the tool that could recalculate results upon changing parameters and combine this with the insights from large data sets.

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