Cognitive Athleticism: A Disruptive Perspective of the Future of Talent


The idea of the knowledge economy is changing the way we look at skills, and it’s something we’ve embraced at Grayce since day one. Organisations are sometimes hard wired to develop hard skills when looking at their talent strategy, but we know the inherent abilities of an individual are somewhat nuanced and should be viewed as such.

Yes, we’ve heard much of the skills gap and the issues it poses to ongoing development and innovation, but we think it’s just as important that we take a holistic view on skills as well so that an individual can develop the competencies and attributes they will need to thrive today and in the future.

At Grayce, we balance our graduate Development Programmes, where people learn skills in change management, data analysis and software development with traits such as communication, and situational awareness, that are needed to succeed in large companies.

Our Programmes follow a 70:20:10 principle which involves micro-learning coupled with real-world and peer-to-peer experience.

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