Cyber security – a serious game?


Atkins’ Shabaz Hussain and the Ministry of Defence’s Si Pavitt outline how a gamification approach can help organisations embed cyber security awareness and behaviours to protect their business.

Cyber security is a serious business: a subject that every employee across your entire business needs to be aware of and take responsibility for. Or is it? It’s true that cyber is crucially important to protect your systems and business continuity, but ‘playing’ and introducing game elements (gamification) can actually be a seriously good way of helping people understand essential elements of cyber security and increasing their cyber resilience capabilities.

The Atkins team has seen this in the projects we’ve been undertaking with the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) Cyber Awareness, Behaviour & Culture (CyAB&C) team – which recently won the MCA’s 2022 award for Change and Transformation in the Public Sector. Gamification has been a powerful tool in influencing effective behavioural change at MOD, placing the employee ‘players’ as the hero in a world of fictional, yet true to life, villains, and encouraging a cyber-confident culture, where people understand the behaviours needed to keep the organisation secure.

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