Data holds the key to decarbonisation


In a recent article, Vendigital shares insights  on their decarbonisation strategy.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has recently reported that while the UK has published plans to tackle climate change, the country is not moving fast enough to reach its net zero targets. With tighter environmental regulation expected, decarbonisation is rapidly becoming a priority for manufacturers across industry sectors, and accurate, reliable data holds the key to success.

Some Boards might conflate the need to decarbonise with the need for an ESG strategy, and while both of these initiatives are important to businesses, each requires a different approach. ESG typically runs the gamut of employee rights, biodiversity concerns and corporate governance, and creating a strategy to encompass these vital areas should be broken down into manageable transformations to ensure the best chance of success. Decarbonisation, on the other hand, is a complex topic under one umbrella term, however, it’s one that brings many measurable and tangible benefits including long-term changes to product design, supply chains and day-to-day operations.

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