Digital and Data Ethics: The key foundations for organisations


In January 2023, Moorhouse held their first digital and data ethics breakfast roundtable, exploring the importance of digital and data ethics to modern organisations, and best practices for developing and delivering ethical digital products and services. Moorhouse welcomed senior stakeholders and leading experts from industries such as AI, healthcare, transport, and energy to discuss how they are responding to these societal changes.

“Organisations don’t know where to get started [with digital ethics]” resonated with many attendees throughout the discussion, according to Moorhouse. The complexity of this subject matter feeds into broader considerations on how to instil an ethical culture driven by genuine concern rather than ‘ethics-washing’, whilst also not stifling innovation or business growth. Organisations will want to remain cutting edge in their adoption of the latest tech and passionate about integrating this into the latest rollout of products and services. The drive for innovation can sometimes come at the cost of ethical thinking but this relationship must be negotiated with commitment and expertise to ensure a balanced outcome.


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