Future of Criminal Justice

By Deloitte

Justice systems today are being buffeted by powerful global forces. COVID-19 has created huge challenges for delivering justice while protecting public health. Political leaders and public sector officials face urgent calls to improve racial equity in criminal justice systems. Long-term shifts in technology, politics, and society are creating threats as well as opportunities to serve the public effectively.

In response to these challenges, Deloitte is working with criminal justice industry leaders across the globe to identify the big shifts that justice systems must respond to immediately. Read our latest insights which highlight the leading global practices and solutions in this space.

A moment for criminal justice reform

COVID-19 has shown many aspects of criminal justice at their best. Justice professionals have continued to serve us, despite risks to their own safety. In a matter of months or even days, courts have implemented remote hearings and prisons have enabled virtual visits using secure video technology. In some cases, sentencing policy and approaches to monitoring and supporting people with convictions has changed virtually overnight.

These rapid innovations show that change can be achieved, and while COVID-19 has amplified problems such as mounting delays in court proceedings, much more can be done.

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