Getting women into tech: Why inclusivity is better for everyone


In their insight, BearingPoint is looking into why inclusivity is better for everyone and it would help getting more women into tech. According to them,  just 26% of today’s tech workforce is female and this is an issue with implications that extend beyond fairness of opportunity, (though this is of course fundamental).

The technology industry is driven by the desire to make life better, and to solve problems for all of humankind. So it’s something of a paradox that half the population is largely excluded from the business of creating and developing the solutions we need.

At a basic level, it means that tech firms are effectively missing out on a huge swathe of potential talent (against a backdrop where there’s an acute coding skills shortage worldwide.)

But even more importantly, it’s bad news for everyone – women, consumers, businesses, the world at large – because we are all missing out on the innovation and relevant technology that a fully diverse tech workforce would provide.


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