How do we change consumer attitudes towards energy consumption?


As gas prices continue to soar energy bills continue to rise. Leading energy firms have now called for green levies added to bills to be scrapped and for the government to instead generate green programmes via general taxation.

Whilst wholesale gas price issues aren’t going to go away anytime soon, the bigger question is how we change customer behaviour to achieve Net-Zero. The way that we each use energy in and around our homes needs to be revolutionised, and a variety of environmentally friendly technologies will need to be in most homes across the UK.

Savanta’s latest Eco Index report analyses the views on climate change and sustainability of 6,000 respondents – exploring the opinions on environmental issues across the UK, US and Canada.

Their data shows that the UK population is generally open to changing their behaviour. In fact, many people are already adopting some of the technologies that will be vital to the transition….

More details on their website.