How I.T. can help energy companies meet their net zero targets

By Coeus Consulting

At least 73 countries worldwide, including all those in the EU, have a target to become net zero carbon by 2050 (some countries are even aiming for 2045).

There are also EU-wide targets for 2021-2030 within the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework: At least 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels), at least 32% share for renewable energy and at least 32.5% improvement in energy efficiency. This green revolution is happening now, and energy companies must continue to innovate, transform and get closer to the target’s year-on year. They also need to be setting the wheels in motion on initiatives that allow the next generation of energy leaders to succeed in achieving the stretch targets, while encouraging consumers to contribute where they can.

Technology itself needs to keep up with the development of new improved energy sources, improved energy storage solutions and grid upgrades to avoid, as one major global energy supplier put it at a recent European Energy Transition event, ‘that Kodak moment’.

There can be no doubt that IT leaders will need to play a key role in helping energy and utilities companies across the supply chain to deliver on reduced emissions, increased sustainability, keeping up with increased demand whilst keeping customer engagement and experience high.

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