How To Reshape Your Culture?

By Tessiant

Tired. Burnt Out. Social Anxiety. Fearful. Low Confidence. Bewildered. Uncertain. Reluctant. Pessimistic.

Just a few of the feelings described by our clients at the prospect of returning to an office / hybrid work culture where many of their former colleagues are gone and relationships with new ones may seem artificial at present.

Leaders are reporting real apprehension at the task facing them as we move to an evolving new normal. Re-establishing their business to be both resilient and agile in a world where the pandemic has accelerated disruption and social justice issues have been front and centre make them fearful of missteps. Re-engaging employees with their colleagues and the strategy and objectives of the future seems a herculean task.

Consideration of culture is critical to success here. Assessing the fitness of your pre-pandemic culture and pinpointing what may need to be adjusted will reap big rewards.

HR leaders and their senior colleagues must be intentional in assessing, re-defining and building the cultures of the future. What aspects of culture sustained colleagues through the last year and a half? Which fell by the wayside? What needs to be embedded in your culture going forward that does not exist right now?

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