Moving past a global pandemic and into the throes of supply chain headwinds, geopolitical conflict, and inflationary pressure, we’re reminded, at every turn, of the danger of fixed assumptions. Only the flexible and adaptive will thrive in the face of volatility. But it takes a special breed of flexibility—one that demands structure and intentionality—to fuel change in small, regular increments, directing employees’ work, and resulting value, toward a set of shared enterprise objectives. As introduced in our recent perspective, companies that employ this intentional flexibility are made-for-change.

Now, in this e-book, North Highland are diving deeper into what it takes to build a made-for-change organisation. First, North Highland CEO Alex Bombeck describes how leaders can establish an environment where competencies, and in turn, collective transformation capability, can flourish. Hint: It starts with a foundation rooted in trust, transparency, and empowerment; little and often change; and continuous improvement. Only then can leaders and employees have the space and the right conditions to grow the made-for-change competencies that will power your organisation’s change and transformation capability.

And that’s where North Highland’s workforce transformation experts come in. In the chapters that follow, their experts explore 11 of the highest-value behavioral competencies for employees to possess today. They explain how to build these competencies among the workforce to strengthen your organisation’s muscle for change and transformation.


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