Nature of Work


Work is being re-imagined, in real-time, and the opportunity exists right now to create new healthier, happier and more effective ways of working, not just for knowledge workers but for the frontline essential workers, influenced and informed by nature and living ways of working.

Nature of Work Live is an inspirational 3-day virtual experience, where we will explore, understand and bring to life a new story of work for a living age.

Topics covered over the three days include:

  • Why purpose is everything.
  • How work can be restructured based on natural systems.
  • Beyond ‘return to work’ – think about ‘habitats’ for individuals and teams.
  • What are the roots of your company and how can you improve their health?
  • Learn why life cycles matter – and how COVID-19 can be viewed afresh as a period for regeneration.

Based on the ground-breaking book, by Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes, Nature of Work Live brings you inspiring headliners, expert commentary and live discussions led by those already on the journey to creating a more beautiful world of work.

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