OUTPERFORM: How to buy well in inflationary markets



These are challenging times for businesses. Uncertainty and market volatility have put a dent in many a P+L and, so naturally a fast and sustainable recovery is front of mind. This means that business leaders must have one foot in rebuilding the present and one foot in securing the future. Perhaps this is where they always stand, but this time, and perhaps for the first time, suppliers are seen as the key assets to make that happen.

Cost optimization just got real

Today’s business renewal agenda requires thoughtful planning and, likely, a significant investment in talent, technology, and partnerships.
This is at a time when budgets are tight and costs are invariably going up. But only some organizations will be able to fund all this change through releasing new products or introducing price increases. Most will need to find the funding. With 75% of revenues spent with suppliers (on average across Fortune 500 and FTSE 350 companies), businesses will be asking in the same place for cost reduction and a performance boost.

Download our the white paper here: PROXIMA – Outperform in an inflationary market.