Preserving Your Culture in an Unpredictable World

By North Highland

Whether it’s the unexpected departure of a key leader or team member, an unforeseen merger or acquisition, or even a global pandemic, every organisation will have to deal with unanticipated change at some point. We all know this well, having shifted our ways of working significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Business leaders around the world had to quickly abandon traditional practices and send employees home to work– with no return date in sight. Changes like this – changes of any kind for that matter – can affect your organisational culture.

While it may seem manageable to maintain your culture when things are going smoothly, it’s an entirely different story when there are major shifts impacting your business and your people. As a leader, what can you do to adapt your culture – or sustain the positive elements of it – when an external force changes your business?

To find out how leaders responded to this challenge during the pandemic, North Highland spoke with Chief People Leads within the transportation and media, entertainment, and communications (MEC) industries, including Ian Hampton, Chief People, Communications & Fleet Operations Officer at Stena Line. North Highland asked how mandated remote work impacted their organisations’ cultural identity, what they’ve done to evolve their culture during this time of change, and how they plan to adapt their culture going forward – whether in a fully remote, office, or hybrid work setting.

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