Redefining Customer Relationships in a Changing Market

By Vendigital

Strong customer relationships have always been important in business, but the last year or so has seen these relationships thrown into a constant state of flux because of catalysts such as Brexit and Covid-19.

Business leaders have had to work harder to understand their customers changing needs and address the challenges they are facing – often while having to adapt the way their business operates, manage suppliers and balance cost at the same time.

In this white paper, they look at how business can better balance their customers changing needs with their own operational requirements, as well as sharing 15 questions that businesses can use to ensure their operating model is agile enough to meet those needs.

We draw on research with 151 C-Suite executives at UK based companies to share insights on:

  • How businesses’ customer relationships have been impacted by the challenges of the last 18 months
  • How they have sought to adapt their operations to innovate and continue meeting customer needs
  • The importance of good quality customer data and how it can aid robust decision making

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