Retail In 2022: Seizing the Post-Pandemic Opportunity

By Proxima

Retail In 2022: Seizing the Post-Pandemic Opportunity

2022 retail strategies are more ambitious, digital, and purposeful than at any time, but their realization hinges on the suppliers that will power them. With low margins commonplace, and traditionally c. 80% of total retail expenditures going to suppliers, how retailers engage the “external enterprise” will be the key influence on success or failure in 2022.

The prevailing operating conditions within retail are hugely challenging and need to be navigated with expert care. Forget transformation, this is “migration on masse”. The distance between the bleeding edge and those that are traditionally slow to follow is narrowing as the realization kicks in that this is the new normal.

Moves need to be made now, and this is going to be problematic for those that are not adept at driving innovative change. Speed, brand, culture, and commerciality will matter when seeking to outpace emerging capacity, capability, and creative bottlenecks. The market is one ripe with opportunity, but also with risk.

As specialist procurement consultants that work with some of the world’s leading retailers, Proxima has identified three key trends shaping the retail sector in 2022:

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