Reverse Mentoring Scheme ‘Walk a Mile’


Discover how to implement an EDI-focused reverse mentoring scheme to promote social learning, strengthen employee relationships, and shape an inclusive culture.

Grayce is built upon a belief in the value of the emerging workforce. Since the business’s inception, we see it proven every day that, given the platform and the opportunity,
emerging talent far exceed expectations in the workplace. We are shaping the leaders of the future across change and transformation, tech and data – and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. The way we develop the emerging workforce today has a direct impact on how our businesses will be led in the future. This is why our graduate Development Programmes train young professionals in a holistic way. Mentoring is a key aspect of our Learning & Development philosophy at Grayce. Alongside technical and soft skills training, we also recognise that leaders must engage in the cultural conversation around equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Something which our Analysts are knowledgable and passionate about!

With this in mind, our reverse mentoring scheme, ‘Walk a Mile’, harnesses our people’s passion for EDI, to drive positive change at Grayce, our client organisations, and the wider business world. In this thought leadership paper, we share how and why we created ‘Walk a Mile’, along with business and personal development benefits, which we hope that other organisations will use to implement their own reverse mentoring schemes. Through ‘Walk a Mile’ and this thought leadership paper, we aim to advance the conversation and – more importantly – action, around EDI at organisations nationwide!

– Geoff Smith
Grayce CEO

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