Steaming ahead: marketing as the new growth engine

Marketing as the new growth engine

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According to Havas’ meaningful brands survey, 75% of brands could disappear overnight and most people either wouldn’t care or would easily find a replacement.1 The pandemic was an indicator of this, as many well-known brands fell by the wayside following multiple lockdowns and as a result of changing consumer behaviour – most notably an accelerated move to digital, including online delivery, remote working and learning, ‘telemedicine’ and online entertainment.

These changes have given birth to a new era of marketing, where the function plays a more significant role in connecting with consumers, driving revenue and sustaining business growth. Marketing is no longer just about building brands, promoting products and conducting market research – it’s about having a customer-centric view and driving engagement across the entire customer journey.

Three Enablers of Effective Marketing

To serve consumers well and drive company growth, marketing operations need to collaborate across functions, deliver personalised 360-degree experiences and use data to create valuable insights. Companies that have best managed this shift have implemented the following three key enablers.

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