Targeting gender equality – Future of Government

By PwC

The UK’s economic recovery plan must put gender equality at its heart, raising awareness of jobs for women in growth industries – such as the green economy – and addressing the damage the pandemic has done to women’s careers and wellbeing.

As the UK works towards economic recovery, government and employers are laying the foundations for a new working world. The shift towards hybrid working has the potential to increase wellbeing and productivity, while the focus on new and growing industries – in particular the green economy – offers fresh opportunities for the UK’s workforce.

Yet PwC’s research, as part of our Future of Government programme, shows the vast majority of women are unaware of green job opportunities. Most women also believe they are ill-equipped, lacking the right skills to benefit from the green economy. Their research reveals public backing for measures that will ensure women benefit from the green revolution. There are calls for better, more targeted careers support, improvements to parental leave and flexible working, and a greater focus on mental health and wellbeing.

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