The answer to levelling up? End the housing crisis so all have a safe shelter


As the cost-of-living crisis and the housing crisis converge, we find our answer to the question of how to level up. It starts and ends with providing one of the very basic human rights: Shelter.

The government’s own definition says: “Levelling up means giving everyone the opportunity to flourish.” Sadly, for many millions right now, the chance to flourish would be a luxury. Their biggest challenge is to survive. A recent poll by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit found that 28 percent of people are already struggling to pay their bills and 47 percent expect to struggle in the future.

Many now have to choose between eating or heating, and many more are in danger of losing their homes completely.

This is no longer an issue for the most marginalised in our communities. The cost-of-living crisis is happening in most people’s homes. The energy bill crisis is happening in most people’s homes. The rising price of food is happening in most people’s homes. The increasingly relentless choice between eating or heating or paying the rent is happening in an increasing number of homes.


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