The Climate Action Guidebook - Deloitte


The time for action on climate change is now. The basic foundations for a decarbonisation transition have been laid, but more needs to be done at a sector and individual company level.

Deloitte’s guidebook is for any tourism and travel sector company that wants to understand the best way to start, or continue, the decarbonisation journey to net-zero, explains:

  • The current carbon reporting and reduction targets
  • Climate-related risks and how to manage them
  • How to measure carbon for your organisation
  • Ways to approach a net-zero commitment

Crucially, you’ll discover how the interests of the planet and your business are inextricably linked. Why calculating and managing your carbon emissions, setting targets and managing climate risk will help to inform your strategic and purchasing decisions, satisfy investor and insurer needs, and align the business with consumer preferences.

You’ll also understand why this is so urgent. Acting on climate change is something we’ve all got to do. This guidebook is designed to help travel and tourism leaders act proactively to achieve the most beneficial results for all concerned. For business. For consumers. For the planet.

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