The economic and healthcare cost of dementia


CF was commissioned to investigate the social and economic impact of dementia in the UK. Using their analytical tools, they leveraged a linked, record-level healthcare dataset from a Discover-NOW database to develop a detailed understanding of the healthcare resource use of people with dementia.

CF estimated that the number of people living with dementia is expected to grow from 1m in 2024 to 1.4m in 2040, with prevalence increasing from 1.4% to 1.9%. This equated to the total cost of dementia in UK growing from £42billion in 2024 to £90billion in 2040. The costs were broken down to:

  • Unpaid care will grow from £21.1billion (2024) to £40.1billion (2040)
  • Social care will grow from £17.2billion (2024) to £40.7billion (2040)
  • Healthcare will grow from £7.1billion (2024) to £13.5billion (2040)

Overall, the firm found that the approximately 63% of these costs are paid for by people with dementia and their families.


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