The Generative AI Dossier by Deloitte


The Generative AI Dossier published by the Deloitte AI Institute details 60 of the most compelling business-ready use cases for organisations looking to enhance productivity and personalise processes. The report serves as a roadmap for executives looking to deploy high-impact GenAI solutions at scale.

The six major industries which the dossier highlights include consumer; energy, resources and industrial; financial services; government and public services; life sciences and health care; and technology, media and telecommunications. Through its collection of business-ready use cases and applications, the report details the various advantages of implementing GenAI in driving efficiency, creativity, speed, scale and capacity, with considerations for risk and trust. For businesses in the consumer sector for example, GenAI holds vast potential for improving and enhancing interactions. It can act as a virtual shopping assistant, creating personalised product recommendations based on customer preferences and behaviours.

Costi Perricos, Deloitte’s global office of Generative AI leader, said: “GenAI is here to stay and as powerful as it seems today, it will go through exponential advancement in the very near future.
“For businesses, GenAI is a disruptive force — the automation of human cognitive production is comparable to how the invention of the steam engine automated human energy production.

“Governments, policymakers and regulators are looking to tap into the potential of AI, while also managing its risks. As more lives and jobs are impacted by AI, the technology must be trustworthy, ethical and as accurate as possible for all of its benefits to be felt. GenAI has the potential to be a powerful tool, but it is imperative that its risks are managed.

“Our Generative AI Dossier will help decision-makers think creatively about this new technology and how it can be used to gain a competitive edge.”

Sulabh Soral, Deloitte UK’s Chief AI Officer added: “According to Deloitte’s 2023 Digital Consumer Trends research, an estimated four million people in the UK have used GenAI tools for work. Among those that have heard of GenAI, almost half (48%) of those aware of GenAI believe it may replace some of their role in the workplace.

“In anticipation of GenAI increasingly becoming a fixture of the workplace, organisations should prioritise upskilling their workers to thrive alongside this technology so that it can be applied correctly and create value. When business leaders embed this technology, they need to ask how can they do so in a human-centric way that increases the efficiency of their team. It should be a ‘force multiplier’, replacing routine tasks and creating higher-skilled, non-routine opportunities across the organisation and the wider labour market.”


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