The hidden challenges of lift-and-shift BPO


In their latest thought leadership article, Cognizant Consulting shares that a successful BPO transition takes thoughtful planning and expertise, whether it’s finance, HR, IT or other processes. But too many businesses believe the myth that a lift-and-shift approach to BPO has a limited impact on employees’ ability to get work done productively. After all, they might think, you’re merely moving an existing process to another provider, not re-architecting how the process is done, which would be more obviously disruptive.

The fact is, lift and shift affects service users and external parties in both hidden and overt ways. And the failure to consider and plan for these impacts can be costly, as it can mire companies in the immediate transition instead of moving into a higher-level phase of transformation.

To maximize BPO success, according to Cognizant Consulting businesses need to pay as much attention to the people aspect of the change as the technical and operational aspects, and make rigorous, structured change management an integral part of the program. Doing so will identify impacts, mitigate risks and deliver a smooth user experience, enabling the business benefits to be realised more rapidly.

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