The power of imperfect circles: seven nudges to create a more sustainable economy


According to PwC, the circular economy sounds like an elegant solution to waste and resource depletion, yet in reality the complexities of creating a circular economy are daunting. It is a challenge that requires transformation on multiple levels, including internal systems, consumer interactions and cross-industry dynamics. The resulting deeply complex network of flows and dependencies can appear overwhelming when viewed as a whole, but they can be navigated with careful deconstruction of the challenge.

PwC outlines seven key areas of focus:

1. Set the stage for improvements with decent data

2. Make collaboration easier through transparency and standardisation

3. Build trust through reporting and assurance

4. Make smart standardisation of packaging a possibility

5. Absorb complexity for consumers

6. Turn complex messages into compelling stories

7. Innovate the business model so it’s easier for products to stay valuable


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