The rise of No Code in MarTech

By Credera

Love them or hate them, the marketing world is rife with buzzwords, with new ones emerging and being popularised each year. 2019, for example, brought us ‘Experiential Marketing’ and ‘Gamification’, 2020 focussed on ‘Omni-Channel’, and 2021 saw the advent of ‘Clicks-and-Mortar’ and ‘Humaning’ (we can thank Mondelez International for this one). Beyond a brief mention here, let’s never talk about ‘Phygital’ again.

So, what do we have to look forward to in 2022? Marketers and those working in the industry will be hard-pressed to avoid the rise of No Code, but what is it? Why does it exist? And most importantly, how is it going to help us as marketing technology professionals?

What is No Code?

No Code is not a term reserved solely for use in the Marketing Technology space. Rather, it refers to any platform, technology, or service which enables the business user to undertake activities which formally would have required specialist experts such as an IT team or engineers. Put simply, it’s putting control into the hands of the business user, such as the marketer, without them needing to have the technical knowledge previously required to undertake the task.

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