The State of the State 2024


Deloitte’s ‘The State of the State’ brings together an exclusive survey of the UK public alongside interviews with 100 government leaders. This blend of research provides a view of the public sector from the people who use it and the people who run it.

Since its launch in 2012, ‘The State of the State’ has commentated on a decade of disruption for the UK’s governments and public services. This year’s report finds the public sector grappling with an accumulation of successive crises as well as the reduced spending power, increases in demand and labour challenges that came with them. It also takes a special look at sustainability and how governments around the world are feeling the first bumps on the road to net zero.

‘The State of the State 2024’ concludes with ten lessons for the future of government from our interviews with officials, politicians and executives from across the public sector.

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