Wavestone’s 2022 UK Cyber Security Start-up Radar


In December 2021, the UK Government published the National Cyber Strategy, which outlines the UK’s efforts to maintain its position as a Cyber Power through to 2030. To benchmark the UK’s progress against the 2030 strategy, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) recently released its annual sectoral analysis.

To ensure Wavestone’s analysis was comparable to their previous start-up radars, such as the recent France Cyber Security Start Up Radar, and the 2019 UK Radar, the criteria for cyber security companies to be included in the Radar was that they were established in the past 7 years, had a maximum of 35 FTE’s (Full Time Employees), and were domiciled and operating in the UK.

With help from ScotlandIS, Northern Ireland’s cyber security cluster and Plexal, Wavestone reached out to some of the most promising cybersecurity start-ups across the cyber innovation ecosystem. 57 start-up companies kindly dedicated their time to engage in first-hand interviews, which formed the basis of Wavestone’s analysis.


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