Andy Starkie, Inner Circle Consulting

To build truly great teams, I believe it’s essential that a variety of components are engaged and integrated, setting the platform for team members to thrive, and instil the flexibility required to adapt to challenges inherent in successful delivery of major programmes. 

My approach to leadership is to set the client at the heart of what we do and to deliver with collaboration, tenacity, excellence and always to achieve progress.  

I’m a Director at Inner Circle Consulting (ICC), having joined the founding directors early in the company history. Our mission is to prepare organisations for change and to help them deliver. My engineering and design background foster an output focused mentality, built from clear structured brief, in depth understanding of challenges and client need, to facilitate the vision for successful delivery through the teams I build and governance I instil 

I’ve built and led many high-impact client focused teams including: 

  1. The development of a multi-disciplinary consultant team using critical thinking producing an innovative approach to business case development, unlocking investment in a major iconic cultural venue
  2. Building an integrated management and delivery team built on robust project management principles for sensitive redevelopment of an historic Civic Campus to drive local regeneration.
  3. Accelerating the development and growth of the newly formed Regional Authority Transport team as the organisation grew in an ever-evolving organisation structure through great teamwork and communication. 

I’ve also continued to transform the ICC team from fledgling business into an award-winning firm, employing 40 excellent staff. 

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