Danny Clink, PwC

Young Consultant of the Year Highly Commended 2019

The MCA’s Young Consultant of the Year needs to demonstrate exceptional performance. This must include having outstanding impact with clients, working at the cutting edge of current thinking, making a remarkable contribution internally, having clear potential to succeed, and being a role model for a firm’s values and a mentor to those following. Danny exhibits all of these attributes.

Danny is an exceptional senior associate within his Energy, Utilities & Resources (EU&R) strategy team. He is an all-round and consistently strong performer, and he has played a critical role in the sale and delivery of a number of the firm’s high-profile strategic projects that are at the intersection of old industries and new technology.

The project that stands out most is his leadership of an assignment to develop the strategy-to-execution of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for a retail payments start-up; leading-edge thinking and unusual for someone of his level to be given the opportunity to lead.

Danny demonstrates strong leadership, logical thinking, organisational skills and a commitment to mentor junior colleagues. He is fully trusted by the seniors in our team to take ownership and deliver considered, high-quality output on both familiar and new topics. For peers and juniors alike, Danny provides an inspiring benchmark of quality, as well as being a likeable and supportive team member. He is also active in the community aspects of the business, a regular contributor to functional and sector meetings, and the (winning) captain of our recent EMEA-wide Strategy& football cup.

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