Tom Wright, Chaucer

Young Consultant of the Year Finalist 2019

Tom has shown incredible personal and professional growth since moving into Consulting with Chaucer. His rise, which includes promotion to Senior Consultant, is testament to his focused hard work, eagerness to contribute and ability to embrace new situations.

Despite not having a consulting background, Tom’s personable approach and humble nature combined with his ability to effectively communicate and build genuine rapport, created a natural flair for consulting. With a style that is well received by clients, Tom has integrated easily into each of his assignments, quickly becoming an important member of his client’s teams.

Tom has proven his incredible adaptability through successfully delivering in very different environments (TMT, Construction, Central Government, Financial Service and Oil & Gas), skilfully navigating political sensitivities and changing dynamics. This cross-industry experience enables Tom to bring fresh insights, practices and perspectives, helping clients to innovate and improve business and team performance.

As well as impressing clients, Tom is also respected and trusted internally for his value-adding contributions. Since joining Chaucer Tom has hunted down and created new ways to add value to the growing business. Particularly evident through leading the Internal Communications programme, which improved CEO engagement, and through being a dedicated coach to junior consultants. Individuals at all levels are utilising Tom’s skills: The CEO regularly consults him for engagement advice whilst junior consultants turn to him for support. As well as continually developing himself, Tom has shown clear commitment and passion for developing others.

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