Chloe Homans


Back in 2016 after a long summer of traveling around Australia, I found myself entering my first day in a new role at Moorhouse. Having left school with only a few GCSEs and having little experience within an office environment, I threw myself straight into the deep end as a temporary Executive Assistant, supporting the diaries of five busy Partners – each with unique and varied working styles.

I quickly got to grasp and enjoyed my role as the EA, but my passion for marketing was no secret, and as soon as the opportunity became available within the marketing team, I was first to put my hand up.

I applied and successfully secured the role of Marketing Assistant. Straight away I was involved in several key events, including numerous breakfast seminars, and the annual flagship event, the ‘Moorhouse Barometer on Change’.

Later that year I enrolled in a Marketing apprenticeship and completed the twelve-month course in just six months. The dedication and passion I demonstrated did not go unnoticed, and soon afterwards I was promoted to Marketing Advisor. Alongside my day to day at Moorhouse I am now using my spare time studying a CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing and Digital Marketing course, and continuing to set strong goals and objectives.

I have now been in the Marketing team coming up to three years, and whilst every day is never the same, it is always a fun, fast-paced working environment with exciting potential around every corner. A typical day for me would consist of a marketing team catch-up first thing in the morning, looking at our priorities for the day, week and month. This works well for our team dynamic, as the morning meetings ensure that we are all set up right for the week before we set off on our various projects, but also builds very strong relationships within the group.

Across eight sectors, our goal is to ensure we are fully equipping each of our four service lines (Delivery and Performance, Customer and Strategy, People and Change and Digital and Technology) with the skills and the tools they need to successfully speak about Moorhouse in the best way they can. Our consultants on the ground are continuously striving to turn strategy into outcomes that are sustainable for our client organisations and the individuals within them. Our people are driven by our values, and ensure that these are instilled within their day-to-day work.

Fridays for me are the most exciting because most of the firm works from the office. This is a real chance for marketing to touch base with all the work we are delivering to our clients, and it is great to be able to learn so much about the projects going on, as well as the trends and challenges within each sector.

If you are considering a career in consulting, my advice is to be open-minded to every opportunity in front of you – you never really know what you can learn until you have had the opportunity to learn from the opportunity in front of you. I would also encourage you to build and nurture relationships. This all adds to your personal brand and one of the key things that you personally have control over can influence and shape. I will never forget someone telling me that you build your personal brand in inches and lose it in feet.