Day in the Life of a Consulting Apprentice | Marium Abid

Senior Consulting (Apprentice)


My career in consulting began when I joined EY’s Digital Apprenticeship programme in 2017. I had recently moved to London after dropping out of college, without any knowledge of what the future held. I had always envisioned my life taking the normal route i.e., GCSEs, A Levels, university and then work. However, apprenticeships sounded different and a great opportunity to jumpstart my career and finish my education.

My apprenticeship involved studying for a BSc in Digital and Technological Solutions while training at EY as a consultant. My role has evolved a lot. In my mind, consulting was all about presenting to people, but what I have learnt in my almost five years at EY is that consulting is a type of art; the problem, the solution, understanding it from all viewpoints, analysing it, talking to lots of people and then communicating your recommendations.

The nature of our jobs is ever-changing which means every week, or even every day, can look very different. My role is also defined by the particular project I’m working on. As a consultant, you can expect to use the knowledge from your previous project, and as every problem and challenge is unique, the work is varied.

At EY, we’ve started transitioning to a hybrid working model which means I split my time between the office, home and client site. Mondays are usually days where I meet with my team and wider project team. These meetings are a great way to connect with colleagues and to discuss the goals and expectations of the week ahead.

Aside from client work, I’m also part of EY initiatives, such as Women in Technology, the EY Muslim Community and EY’s independent charity – the EY Foundation. These initiatives have given me the opportunity to mentor new joiners and sixth-formers, host and facilitate bootcamps and support events.

Consulting prepares you with a multitude of skills and learnings which can aid you in both your professional (whichever career pathway you choose) and personal development. While there are inevitably ups and downs, I’m thoroughly enjoying my career and the variety that comes with my role.