Day in the Life of a Consulting Apprentice | Stephani Pinthu

Junior Management Consultant (Apprentice)


I joined PwC as a consulting higher apprentice last September (2021) straight after completing my A-Levels. For my first rotation with PwC, I am in the FS (Financial Services) Activation Hub. I work in the More London Office and I am so lucky because the office itself is gorgeous.

A little bit of background about me. In sixth form, I studied Business; Classical Civilisation; Philosophy and Ethics. I didn’t really plan on doing an apprenticeship as I wasn’t aware of the amazing opportunity. At the time my plan was to go to either Exeter or St Andrews University to do a joint degree in Philosophy & International Relations and see where it takes me; possibly join a graduate programme at a finance company.

I applied to do work experience at PwC in the summer of 2020 and luckily got through applications. Unfortunately, because of COVID, it was turned into a virtual experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual work experience and found it very insightful and it made me want to have a career here. A few months after the work experience, recruitment reached out to me telling me about the apprenticeship opportunities and that they thought I would be suited for it. I immediately looked into apprenticeships and made the all famous ‘pros and cons’ list for apprenticeship vs university. I asked a lot of people for advice and I got told that they were both good opportunities, so there is no wrong choice.

I spoke to my school’s career counsellor about my goals and after having many conversations with the current Higher Apprentice’s at the time and was sold on PwC. I was fast-tracked through the application process and, slowly but surely, ended up to where I am now.

When joining I really had no clue on what a consultant does but just that the job description and the characteristics one needed for the job were ones that resonated with me. Everyone at PwC that I have come across has genuinely been so nice to me and answered every question I have.

In the FS Activation Hub, I get to work on bids and proposals. It is very exciting to do so, as I get to see upfront the work that PwC sells to its clients. The process blows my mind as so much goes into it. It shows me what projects I could potentially be on in the future. I find it beneficial for my progression and overall knowledge of consultancy. If I look back to what I knew when I joined vs what I know now, the Activation Hub has definitely helped me grow.  I enjoy the opportunities in the Hub which help me develop my skills such as communication. Working closely with senior stakeholders on live bids has given me the chance to develop a broad network, speaking to senior members of whom I wouldn’t have the chance to speak to one on one otherwise. I do find time management sometimes challenging, as you have to manage your day, getting your tasks completed for deadlines; especially coming out of school where everything is timetabled. However, with the help of my team and my career coach, I am getting better.

Alongside working, I am also getting the JMC qualification which is the academic side of the apprenticeship. College days are always so good, with the content being taught in an interactive way and getting together with your whole cohort is always fun.

To anyone who is thinking about doing an apprenticeship or consulting I would say give it a go. It is an amazing opportunity and there is no harm in trying. In fact, you might love it and see yourself thriving in the job and environment – I know I have. You can always go to university later. Not to mention the bonus that you are getting paid and valued experience at a great company – one of the best. I personally am very happy with my choice: the support and people I have met along the way.