How did you get into consulting?

Many wonder, “What do consultants actually do?”. It was a question I had myself. My journey to finding an answer began with an internship during my bachelor’s degree in the United States. This experience was pivotal as it highlighted the significance of consulting on business decision-making processes that can have a real-world impact. After completing my master’s at UCL, I joined Wavestone as an Analyst in April 2022.

Since stepping into the consulting realm, I’ve not only honed my expertise but also taken the helm on numerous projects. From fostering client relationships to spearheading internal initiatives, my role has been as dynamic as it has been rewarding.

What does a standard week on a project look like for you?

A common phrase in consulting is that “no two projects are the same”. I believe this extends further: no two clients are alike, and each problem requires its own tailored solution. This is what makes our role unique. I am always on the move from managing client delivery, engaging in business development, and driving internal initiatives.

I recently managed the implementation of a new AI tool, and I am now leading a data strategy project to design an operating model for one of the top 3 largest insurance companies in the world. We kick off our mornings with a team standup where I outline the day’s objectives. The bulk of my day is then dedicated to planning and leading workshops as we iterate our design. Navigating the complex web of organizational politics to secure leadership buy-in is a critical challenge for consultants engaged in strategy engagements like these. In the end, seeing our client succeed makes the challenge worthwhile.

Sales also occupy a significant portion of my time. As an SME in the data field within our CIO Advisory offering, I am frequently brought in to lead business development efforts, working closely with the sales team from pitch prep to scoping, sizing, staffing, and beyond. This involves not only identifying new opportunities but also maintaining existing relationships. There’s a sense of adrenaline and high stakes when pitching to prospective clients, which can be immensely rewarding after securing new business.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about consulting as a career?

To those contemplating a career in consulting, I offer this advice: embrace the journey with an open mind and a resilient spirit. Consulting is a continuous learning experience where you’ll be working alongside brilliant minds. This not only enriches individual careers, but also promotes industry-wide innovation and progress. Whether it’s guiding a nonprofit in optimizing its costs or advising a multinational corporation toward sustainable practices, consultants have the opportunity to drive impactful change across industries. The diversity of work ensures that no day is the same, whilst pushing you to remain adaptable, proactive, and always ready for the next challenge.

If you’re passionate about solving problems, learning, and growth, consulting might just be the perfect fit for you.